The Spark Market

Welcome to the Spark Market - your chance to "invest" your points in your favourite ClimateSpark proposals.  This is a "buy-and-hold" stock market -- there is no selling or trading.  You simply invest your points in the proposals you think have the strongest community support.  Prices will rise and fall depending on the investment popularity of the proposal, but will not fall below one dollar (one point) per share.  Your point total increases as the price of the stocks you have invested in rises and that increases your odds of winning in our grand prize draw.  Investing in the Spark Market is also a way to show your support for an idea, which will help our judges identify hot prospects.

Here's what to do:

  • Decide which proposals you want to invest in (you can invest in more than one as long as you have sufficient points).
  • Select how many points you want to invest in each (the system will tell you how many points you have available)
  • Each point equals $1 and you will have to "pay" the going price for the stock you wish to invest in.
  • When the stock market closes at 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Nov. 15th, you will be awarded points equivalent to your points investment multiplied by the share price
  • Your new point total will be used to determine how many entries you receive in the grand prize draw for a Kymco scooter.

To purchase shares, just scroll down past the stock price table and make your selections in the purchase form, then click Purchase.

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