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The Accelerator venture development bootcamp was an enriching, inspiring and transformative event. Contestants had the opportunity to work one-on-one with top experts in business and sustainability.  Each contestant met with experts hand selected to match their needs, making this a unique and valuable experience for our social entrepreneurs.In speaking with contestants after their sessions, they expressed their appreciation for the incredible value they received from their conversations with the experts and exuded greater confidence in their ability to make their social ventures successful. Some found they needed to expand their marketing efforts, while others found they needed a new organizational development strategy. The learnings were diverse and in-depth. One contestant expressed that the invaluable insights she received through her expert sessions would have taken hours of intensive research to find on her own. Now, she can use this saved time to actually apply these insights so her venture can have impact more rapidly.In addition to the feedback contestants received from Accelerator experts, they were also excited about the chance to share their learnings and explore collaborative opportunities with their peers. Among the contestants, there was a real sense of supporting one another to maximize their collective climate and social impact.What was also exciting about the two days were the joint sessions that helped contestants build their capacity to construct a strong pitch, business plan and carbon emissions quantification strategy. These sessions should leave them well prepared for the upcoming ClimateSpark pitch session, where they will present to investors and grant-makers who have collectively earmarked $500,000 for investment in this space.Our experts were also pumped up about being a part of this inspiring process and the feedback – and inspiration --  they personally received from the contestants.By the end of the two days, Accelerator participants and observers were vying for more time to engage with one another and expressing their wish to see more opportunities like ClimateSpark. It will be exciting to see how much the contestant ventures are able to grow as a result of their Accelerator experience. Next up: ClimateSpark Launch, our celebration gala for ClimateSpark, including announcement of winners of the TCF Green Innovation Award.

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